The list our our services is extensive but here is just a flavour of what we do. For anything Custom and Composite based please call or send us an e-mail with your requirements. Our flexibility is our strength!

Clay Modelmaking

We can produce bespoke body panels, fairings etc for your car, truck, bike, boat......or anything else that drives or flies! We will work closely with you to perfect your design using our Clay Sculpting and Modelling skills.

3D Printing

Our FDM 3D Design and Printing Service is available in a wide variety of materials including ABS, Nylon/Carbon Fibre etc. Our flexibility means we can provide designs for you or work with your own designs.


We manufacture & repair any moulds, parts etc from a multitude of Composite materials including CFRP and GRP. We design using Autocad. We strive to provide the best solution for your requirements. We offer a proof of concept, one-off service or full production runs.


We can offer consultancy on all manner of planning, construction & manufacturing of your projects, either in person or via zoom call.

Price dependant on platform used.